Harford Honey Farms

Harford Honey Farms is operated by Joe Lewis and family near Bel Air, Maryland. We raise honey bees, make honey, collect pollen and propolis as well as bees wax. The sub-species of bee that we concentrate on are the "Russians" imported in the late 1990s by the USDA from the far eastern Primorski region of Russia. These bees are frugal and mite resistant survivors!

Under most circumstances our bee colonies are located within Harford County, Maryland and are raised under all natural conditions - no chemicals. Most of the colonies are located in back country areas where they can collect nectar from the abundant tulip poplar and acacia (black locust) trees as well as hundreds of types of flowers and shrubs.

Our honey is not pasteurized and is only filtered to take out the big particles of wax and bee parts! It is considered "raw" honey and still possesses the many desirable and beneficial qualities of pure, raw honey. If you are not familiar with the advantages of raw honey, please look it up on Google. (Never feed raw honey to infants under two years of age.)

Sometimes we will buy honey from other beekeepers and we try to make available some "varietal" honeys such as orange blossom, blueberry blossom, and starthistle, as well as wildflower. Our wildflower honey will vary in its color and flavor depending on the actual floral source and time of year. Early season honey (April to June) tends to be light and mild. Honey collected later tends to be darker and stronger in taste. Darker honey is believed to contain higher amounts of certain minerals such as iron.

Some of our colonies perform additional duty as pollinators for local apple orchards and vegetable farms. Honeybees are the hard working, unsung heroines of agriculture!

You can often find our honey in local stores in Harford County, Maryland, at Nature's Pantry in Parkville and Karen's Natural Foods in Havre de Grace. If your health food store, natural foods store, or grocery store does not carry local honey, ask your produce manager to contact us!